Ballet Project

Whilst looking through old work I found these paintings from the ballet project, illustrating the strain and percussion involved with the dancers art but also the dedication involved in reaching perfection.

Whilst the slippers that helped them create these graceful and fluid movements  also can inflict pain on the dancer. 



Images from a old story telling project based on the idea of a never ending staircase 


Animal astrological pictures

Ideas on recent animal project exploring the idea of mythology in relation to animals using zodiacs or totem animals


Horse paintings

Equine drawings emphasising the energy in the movement of a horse as well as abstracting it.


Walking around the park late afternoon taking some photos quite a clear day, but there was a eerie fog that gives a melancholy to the photos (slightly haunting felling).

Gives a quite story like quality ..


All things blue

Found myself looking through old work (from the lesson focusing on
blue acrylic paint), reminding myself to break away from the initial comfort zones we often put ourselves in & creating something we wouldn't have expected.