I recently worked designing at a custom event with the Radley handbags.
Based in the store in blue water 
I helped visualise customers personalised design on there classic satchel, Found it interesting to see the publics patterns in taste in there personalised designs  

( above a few sketched ideas using pencil of my take on the Radley bag )


Back to Drawing board

After playing with the digital work for a while and experimenting over the summer,
I wanted to return to simplicity of the pencil and drawn images.
The shading i feels gives emotional depth to the image.



Its been a while been developing a style playing with more beauty/fashion illustration recently returning to my illustration roots.

Trying my colour designs with airbrush gave a tonal quality but was Interesting effect but quite time consuming.

I feel simplifying use of colour and bringing more details into the so pieces tone and detail don't conflict in the future.


self promotion

Long illustration i am working on showing the creative thinking process.
still working on editing :S

pictures from the second year show

As I haven't been very organised recently these are photos, i should probably have posted 3 weeks ago anyway photos from my early morning shift. 

lots of work from the talent people on our course.


Letter Bug

This piece is from a project I did about a year ago involving a study of a person on my course. Looking back on this piece, as a final outcome, I realise it was a bit vague about them directly, but did communicate how they social personality was like a protective outer shell.

 I feel it showed a different aspect of image making, by mixing my sculpture with text image and collage.

Earlier example of this would be through letter patterning to create quite abstract images.


Exhibit piece

'Hand born' exhibition piece

"Fracture" describes nature's delicate balance and the damage caused by waste from man's consumption

Working on a piece for our second year show titled "Hand Born".
 I wanted to create something new that  had been "Hand Born", using traditional hand skills. Incorporating the conflict theme  of disappearing nature, due to the greater need of human consumption.
My final piece used a natural image, as it is something that stylises my illustration work. Here are some of the early concepts.


Playing with pattern

Going through simple illustrations I decided to scan them into my computer and play with the idea of patterning on photoshop.


The Power of 10

The 10 commandments final outcome for a very initially restricting brief working with a limited use of shapes and 3 key colours
Each image is based on symbolising 1 of the 10 commandments ( can you guess which )
- have only 1 god
- no false idols
- not to use the lords name in vain ( no cursing)
- remember the 7 day as a day of rest and prayer
- honour your father and mother
- not to commit murder
- not to commit adultery
- not to steal
- not to lie about your neighbour
- not to be envious and "covent" anything that is not yours

I found these commandments where quite restricting, but strong guide lines in the Christian community.
 As I chose warning key colour as red that symbolises danger or stop .


A shelf life : Animals in meat production

Studying the image of the eye on a cow, chicken or pig gave a deeper connection to the animal. 
As a identity rather than a commercial product,  if we had to look in the eye of what we eat would we still eat meat ?

Seeing what affect I could create by visually layering the meat texture with my sculptural pieces.
In the connection of shelf meat how it has lost its strong connection with being a living creature.

Finishing some earlier sculptures under the topic of animals and humans, focusing in particular on meat consumption. I made these in the theme of animals that are commonly factory farmed, with there caged short life which just ends as a product of our mass consumption. I took some of my earlier patterning with the meat layering on the wired structure.