The Power of 10

The 10 commandments final outcome for a very initially restricting brief working with a limited use of shapes and 3 key colours
Each image is based on symbolising 1 of the 10 commandments ( can you guess which )
- have only 1 god
- no false idols
- not to use the lords name in vain ( no cursing)
- remember the 7 day as a day of rest and prayer
- honour your father and mother
- not to commit murder
- not to commit adultery
- not to steal
- not to lie about your neighbour
- not to be envious and "covent" anything that is not yours

I found these commandments where quite restricting, but strong guide lines in the Christian community.
 As I chose warning key colour as red that symbolises danger or stop .


A shelf life : Animals in meat production

Studying the image of the eye on a cow, chicken or pig gave a deeper connection to the animal. 
As a identity rather than a commercial product,  if we had to look in the eye of what we eat would we still eat meat ?

Seeing what affect I could create by visually layering the meat texture with my sculptural pieces.
In the connection of shelf meat how it has lost its strong connection with being a living creature.

Finishing some earlier sculptures under the topic of animals and humans, focusing in particular on meat consumption. I made these in the theme of animals that are commonly factory farmed, with there caged short life which just ends as a product of our mass consumption. I took some of my earlier patterning with the meat layering on the wired structure.