Letter Bug

This piece is from a project I did about a year ago involving a study of a person on my course. Looking back on this piece, as a final outcome, I realise it was a bit vague about them directly, but did communicate how they social personality was like a protective outer shell.

 I feel it showed a different aspect of image making, by mixing my sculpture with text image and collage.

Earlier example of this would be through letter patterning to create quite abstract images.


Exhibit piece

'Hand born' exhibition piece

"Fracture" describes nature's delicate balance and the damage caused by waste from man's consumption

Working on a piece for our second year show titled "Hand Born".
 I wanted to create something new that  had been "Hand Born", using traditional hand skills. Incorporating the conflict theme  of disappearing nature, due to the greater need of human consumption.
My final piece used a natural image, as it is something that stylises my illustration work. Here are some of the early concepts.


Playing with pattern

Going through simple illustrations I decided to scan them into my computer and play with the idea of patterning on photoshop.