Hello!! again
I know its been a while since I have last updated this blog (two years exact)
As I've focusing on my masters its made it harder to keep everything up to date. 
But I have been still a busy bee over my two year masters course. 

I have also tried to keep a tumblr page as a picture diary on all my arty projects in progress  
look here to see it > Laura Keer's Drawing Diary

Hopefully this blog I can return too now, I'm no longer feeling the pressure of student deadlines.
So I will use my free time to write about arty stuff including projects I'm working on.
To trying out new materials and mediums and creative theory of stuff such as options on London art exhibits and artists work I admire.
Hopefully thats enough to keep you interested In reading and returning to this old blog of mine.
As I will try to promise to keep it up to date with everything interesting :)