adding visuals

part of my plan for this animation had been to combine 2d with 3d stop frame animation as into the scenes heres a example of a butterfly piece i had been working on.

I wanted to develop on from the earlier idea of using 2d within my animation characters as i returned to this aspect i had been interested in before i noticed that drawing on the details of the eyes also being tedious but also unnecessary instead the character could pass more emotions and depth within just eyebrows and a small mouth . 

looking at developing this concept of the character to make the eyes less focal worked better i felt with the shadow and lighting as well as body expressions of the piece

Editing animation

Over the past months I managed to get through all of my stop frame animation scenes here are a few giff examples of the classrooms scenes i finished. 

As managed to finish the last of my animated scenes 

i spent a few weeks sorting through them on premier to get a idea if anything was missing or if any of the frames timing should be extended of shortened.