The world of H

A letter world used for the pre 3rd year show everyone was assigned a letter for a group alphabet 
 my letter was "H"which made me instantly think of tree houses and a woodland home and people and creatures that might live within the trees. 

I like the concept of letter worlds so might take it further in a side line project possibly in a screen print outcome i will see..


Child Imagination

I visited St Pauls primary school last summer for my imaginary world project.
Asking them to draw out there own imaginary worlds, 
after this I merged their work on Photoshop into the 3 pieces shown below.

Returning to this research interested me,  with the strong links to childhood and with our imagination, before we are told of rules and responsibilities losing it in growing up.

As imagination stems from experiences in life surely it can used as a way of reflecting on positive memories and create a way of overcoming the negative, even if it is within our minds.

We are all capable of imagination it has its roots in every childhood, But maybe we should hold on to it, let it grow, rather than casting it aside as childish nonsense..  


show time

Setting up in the well gallery this week with the first internal illustration show of the year
Showing what the illustration BA has to offer with a show of everyones work.
In despite the tedious detail in... waiting to set up, framing, printers, clip frames, and the many set backs that i faced last week in putting up work its all worth it when you see how pretty it looks on the wall.

display of my Anglo - Boggart character designs proved popular

whilst my larger panoramic piece seamed small behind the doorway
other pieces from other students in the show >>


2012 New beginnings

New start for the new year 2012 after intense term of dissertations and various projects to distract me.
Due to this my blog has been under much neglect .

Anyway my new years resolution is to do a blog post a week on a things of artistic interest around london  and small pieces of illustration work as well.

To 2012 to be more organised in the year ahead and in hope if the world docent end that would be a positive to....