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As I have started the project Im now investing time in drawing out all my concept work visuals from the earlier research I already have a vague idea of how the characters will look like.
and from the mood boards I created what I would want the animation image style to look like 

In drawing it out it would be easier to get a plan on paper of the character forms and environment they will be walking in as well as the style aspects would be represented. 

As I had planned the animation to be styled in a way that mixed the two forms of drawing in 2d as well as creating 3d characters for stop motion and how the background could mix the two styles with my trademark detailing.

In my story the kids would be represented by as both children but also a representation of what the character fears so having them able to develop into another form is suiting. 

I also wanted them to look separate form the key character in being created in a vector like style. they seam detached from the main character who will be in 3d form. 
The outline was important so redoing in pen showed off the more graphic style.

Drawing out the key characters to appear 3d was a bit more difficult as pencil form to get a perspective of what the character should look like.
I also wanted the character to be textual in its crafted 3d form like felt or fabric. so colouring it out in pencil shading is what i felt would come closet to that parts of the character like the eye and mouth expressions i think i would like to animate in flash as a way of bring the character to life aswell as working in the deadline time constraints.

Backdrops work as a bit of a happy medium between this 3d world and flat 2d form I also want it to be quite detailed with patterns on leaves and objects I tried to get a idea of this in fine liner.

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