Mood board inspirations

After getting selected I've been working up these visuals from the past week but also looking at other animations that can help inspire me with there story or style.

I always wanted to create a animation that mixed animation mediums in a Un-convental way my previous projects I have been focused on making my illustrations appear to come alive in flash or after effects. But I was always interested in creating something that was 3d in form, yet still working with the skills i have acquired animating in 2D in either a graphic styled way.

The mixing of something that feel real as a 3d form so had been hand made with the style of something flat an graphic is defiantly something i wanted to try out. 
Heres a mood board of various animations i found did this or played with the movements in a similar way.

—mood board of animator style

Also here are some illustrations that also interested me as a style of the work i wanted to create helping me generate a mood set of colours.

—moodboard illustrators

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