Creating clothes

After building the body structure of my character earlier, I started to spend time crafting his clothes to cover the foam silhouette. The character I had designed had quite a set outfit style with a pair of stitched pleated kaki trousers and an orange jumper (which where the intended colour palette  choice) as well as a small blue rucksack which also played a part in the story. 

Making all of these was an individual task in itself as they all had  different fabric types to work with. For example making the trousers had to be done twice as I initially picked a fabric that was more suited to a structured cut, but given the small size of the puppet the trousers ended up looking baggy and stiff on the model. 
So changing to using a stretch cotton in a similar a tone meant, the garment could fit closer to the model, as well as bending for the required movements.

The jumper fabric was a bit different, it was a fleece texture so in some ways suited to not being too tight which worked well with the roundness of the body of my model. Adding little edges like the cuffs and collar gives room for the changing of posses with the hands and head.

His shoes where made of an imitation suede fabric, that I stitched into little panels to give the appearance of a moccasin shoe or loafer. I didn't want it to be too formal in it's appearance and a style and also  that  they would be able to cope with being pinned into position. 

Even the backpack was something that I had to custom make, spending time to make it both the right size, but also with the finishing details like the outer pocket and the handle which were quite fiddly to construct.  

Building paint on top of the rucksack and shoes for finishing details gave them an effect of tone and texture as if they had been worn in. Adding to the life feel and overall effect of the puppet

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