Dog development

Creating the dog character 

Similar to the boy puppet,  I created the dog using repeated methods in the feet and legs for the basic 4 legs. These I trimmed down to create a more paw based shape the body. I supported with a thicker wire that was twisted in 8 strands so stronger for suport but still dextrous in allowing the frame to bend.

The wire was threaded through two wood doweling i made so it would have a strong shoulder and hip structure guidelines so the puppet would not become to contorted and snake like in the spine.
This I then coated in glue gun, as it would give support to the wire as well as stretch for the poses I required.Pushing it in to the wood doweling was initially a little difficult as the glue was thick and dries quickly. 
After giving this a bit of time to set,  gave me a initial support structure to build on the neck and tail and attach the legs.
I started adding foam for making the character form and trimmed it best i could with scissors and a scalpel to give a shape similar to my dog design.

Then continued to covering it with stretch cotton towelling fabric. placing it in panels over the model and stitching it together and into the foam to anchor it.     

As the fabric I used didn't match what I had designed I repainted it with acrylic paint in a mixture of brown based tones.

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