face fear

Eyes and expression placements.
 After doing all of the stop frame animation I had initially planned to add expressions on top of my stop frame characters model face.. However, this was more of a challenge then I had intended.

Initially, I had planned to use motion path tracking and hoping by learning this I could already use the dark beads I had placed for guidelines for the eyes but ..Unfortunately when I was testing this in animation clips it continued to crash after many attempts I decided to try a few other ways of working on this piece,

attempt 1
With mask shapes (weird shape movements) 

attempt 2
 Digially drawing in photoshop (too many layers)

Applying photoshop shapes to frames (distorted effect) 

last attempt 3
Mask shapes individual 

This was the most effective in shape and matching the movements but overall this has been too time consuming to persue as a final effect even if it is what I would have initially preferred. 

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