second setup

Within my animation there are two setups and environments, the first one was the garden which was the larger scene I had been working on first, the second being the classroom,

The classroom was more difficult, as making functional items for my child character to be sitting in like the chair had to be designed to be supportive, but also to an appropriate scale and sturdy. This and the desk has taken two attempts to make properly using diffent glue and wood.

The original worked as a good mock-up to get a idea of scale and that I should have used a different wood base and a more strong adhesive then than glue gun which only had a temporary hold.

I also worked on props within the set that, I remembered seeing in a classroom environment, like the teachers desk, bookshelf and chest of storage drawers.
I tried to duplicate this style with blocks of wood, priming the first before working out where I would apply the detail with paint.

Other things I hand painted where the walls of the classroom, which I designed to still fit within my chosen colour scheme of blues oranges and browns (instead of the typical white wash walls).
I added imagery that would be recognise in a classroom environment, like children's drawings, a blackboard and visual displays of maps or letters.

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