Creating scenery

After creating my stop motion characters I now had to build the set for them to be filmed in there where two sets for my storyline one being the classroom the other being the garden.
Where the boy interacts with his pet dog i had done some earlier drawings of what I wanted it to look like ruffly in developing my concept of being a yard or garden fenced in with lots of greenery and a peaceful an slightly magical place.

I also wanted the foliage not to be 3d, but flat framing the characters and not overpowering them similar to my reference of earlier paddington style of animation.This way I could build-up a ornate illustration on the flat face of the cutouts to keep with my illustration style and to add a bit of magic to the set.

Using the guidelines of the cut out drawings i had worked on earlier. I then individually cut out these details with a electric saw to matchup as closely as possible with my initial shape.

Then bringing them to life with acrylic paint which gradually brought these flat pieces to life.
thankfully my past experience of painting scenery and murals in acrylic made this a bit more in my comfort zone.

Even in creating the opening door to the garden i added details like brick work drawing this out in a paint pen in a mismatch pattern added to environment an effect of being handed crafted .

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